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Trigger Point Massage - Does It Really Work?

Trigger point massage could be implemented for the treatment of an assortment of tissue and muscle conditions including inflammation, adhesions, joint dysfunction and cramps. Common areas which are targeted by this massage technique include the shoulders, hips, lower back, hamstrings, quads, biceps,…

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Lomilomi and Native Care of Oceania

Lomilomi and Native Care of Oceania by Joseph Pilates are probably the first text to the physical ramifications of Oceania to take advantage of techniques from his career as a massage specialist. He'd certainly have been aware of the benefits of laying on hands on an individual prior to handling the…

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Benefits of Thai Massage - Part 3

Thai massage therapy is an ancient therapy combining Indian Ayurvedic techniques, acupressure, and other assisted yoga poses. The concept of Shen lines (an energy-lines) was applied as"Thai yoga massage." These are similar to nadis per the original philosophy of yin-yang in accordance with the ancie…

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An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Roots in Chinese medicine (TCM) are associated with stimulating and prolonging the flow of qi (pronounced"Chi") throughout the body. Qi is your life force that protects and moisturizes the body. If this flow is stopped or hindered, disease and other problems happen. 1 approach to encourage the circu…

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How Thai Massage Therapy Works

The Thai Massage is one of the most common forms of massage therapy on earth. This kind of massage isn't only appreciated in Thailand, but around the world as well. The techniques involved are extremely straightforward and they have been passed down from generation to generation for many years. Ther…

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